MicroAI Security and Monitoring™#

MicroAI Security is an Edge-native AI platform that embeds and trains advanced security algorithms directly into a device, machine, or process. Endpoint cyber protection that provides:

Security protocols that are embedded directly into the MCU or MPU of a machine or device

Predictive security algorithms that live, learn, and train directly on a target asset or on an entire ecosystem of assets

Local processing of critical data at the endpoint, eliminating the security risk of cloud transmission and storage

Real-time security alerts based on continuous self-monitoring of asset status and anomalies

Increased confidence in the overall health and safety of the entire asset ecosystem

The cyber-threat landscape continues to evolve, becoming increasingly sophisticated and invasive. MicroAI Security provides the endpoint-based protection required to protect mission-critical devices and machines. Differentiators include:

Faster: Advanced security algorithms are deployed directly into the MCU of a device or machine, proving rapid alerts that are not cloud-transmission dependent

More accurate: AI-enabled security protocols that are fully automated, self-learning, and self-adjustable provide more accurate assessments on the security status of an asset ecosystem.

Self-contained: An Endpoint Agent resides on the asset providing automated alerts based on asset-specific triggers and assessment of abnormal network activities.

Higher reliability: Ability to store/cache monitored logs in the event of a power or network disconnection.

MicroAI Security Demo#

Watch the MicroAI Security Demo on YouTube: