Welcome to Micro AI!#

Enterprise AI Simplified#

MicroAI provides the AI developer community with breakthrough embedded and edge AI technology and platform that simplifies AI program development, testing, and deployment.

Whether embedding intelligence into individual machines or building an entire asset network of intelligence, our full suite of next-generation products and solutions were designed to provide IT and OT ecosystems with deeper observability, more predictability, and hardened security.

For a detailed view of this game-changing technology, we have provided developers with a comprehensive library of user-guides, technical documentation, and tutorials.

We invite you to dig in to see how we are revolutionizing IT and OT intelligence.

How do I get Started?#

The first thing anyone needs to get started with MicroAI is a Launchpad Account. Check out our Launchpad Start-Up Guide to learn more about Launchpad and how to create an account.